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Travelers Data Center

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McGough completed an initial standalone data center project for Travelers in 1985, which serves as the national disaster recovery backup facility. As part of the construction of their downtown headquarters construction in 1991, another data center project was completed. The standalone data center is a 51,500-square foot two-story building with 31,500-square foot raised access floor. Redundancy features included UPS system with dual electrical services from separate substations with automatic switch. Within the last couple years McGough built a standalone generator plant to provide backup power to this facility.The 525,000-square foot Travelers Headquarters included construction of an 8,000-square foot data center. The redundancy features included a UPS system and an emergency generator; redundant cooling was tapped off the cooling system which is tied to District Cooling.




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Data Center

Since our founding in 1956, McGough has collaborated with a wide range of Data Center clients. We continuously innovate our Data Center project approaches resulting in superior outcomes and exceptional experiences for our clients.

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