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Transforming Healthcare for a Community

A Place for Healing: American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge

Delivering Power to Those Who Need It

Building Tech Independence One Fab at a Time


Essentia Health
Duluth, MN

Power + Infrastructure

Penn State Combined Heat and Power
State College, PA

High Tech + Life Sciences

SkyWater Technology Foundry
Bloomington, MN

Expert Partners Building the Future

We are a premier construction and development company. We excel at complex projects including hospitals, tech manufacturing spaces, labs and ag-industrial plants, and have a long history serving the commercial, educational and government sectors.

An excavator on a job site with McGough painted on its arm


We have more than 60 years of experience and are known for our quality and partnership from pre-planning, to field work, to delivery and beyond.

How We Build
Two McGough project leaders looking over a job site and talking


We lead all development phases, serving owners, investors and communities with efficiency and skill. Build-to-suit opportunities available.

Creating Opportunity
A McGough facility management specialist repairing building equipment

Facility Management

Our dedicated specialists operate, manage and maintain world-class facilities and collaborate with other teams to plan for efficient operations.

Supporting Owners

Trusted, Reliable, Acting with Integrity

Years in Business
Repeat Customers
Litigation with Clients
Nationwide Employees

Let’s Talk

McGough operates nationally, with regional offices throughout the Midwest, South and Southeast. We are bringing a long legacy of success and a strong reputation as the kind of people clients want to work with on new projects nationwide.

Contact Us
Three McGough construction workers talking on a job site wearing cold-weather gear

Join Our Team

We strive to be the firm people want to work with, both employees and partners. We focus on finding the best people to work with us: those who are driven, smart and good teammates.

The Expertise You Need

Aerial photo of agricultural-industrial facility built by McGough

Agricultural + Industrial

Feeding the world is a big job. McGough Construction has unique experience building the kinds of facilities that make it possible. From massive commodity processing plants in the heartland to food and beverage factories of all sizes, McGough’s experts understand how to integrate complex machinery and systems, build to food-grade specifications all while getting it done on time and budget.

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An office building exterior at night

Corporate + Office

We understand how important it is to work somewhere that fosters and enables innovation – we built our own award-winning headquarters to be just that kind of place! We are proud to have built, renovated and expanded equally inspiring workplaces for all kinds of businesses. Quality, workmanship, and value – they are just part of what we deliver in every corporate and office project.

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Exterior of a college campus building constructed by McGough


At McGough, we appreciate how much we owe to our teachers at every level. We are a top education contractor in our markets and offer our specialized expertise – especially for technical projects like labs and power plants – to higher education campuses nationwide. We understand the stakeholders and needs are unique to each institution institution and assemble project teams familiar with the nuances of working on a campus.

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Exterior night view of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, built by McGough

Fine Arts + Culture

Building for the arts and for communities is a special privilege we enjoy at McGough. These projects come in all shapes and sizes, but they all are places where people gather and bond and share experiences, making these some of the most significant places we build in terms of impact and lasting legacy for a community.

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Exterior night view of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, built by McGough

Data Centers

We understand that building a data center is unlike any other project. The demand for always-on, zero shutdown tolerance facilities, connected to abundant and redundant network, power and cooling sources requires unique skillsets. McGough has in-house specialists and experience constructing data centers of all sizes, from one room in an office building to free-standing data centers hundreds of thousands of square feet in size, all with rapid speed-to-market.

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Exterior view of a health care clinic built by McGough


Healthy people make for healthy communities. We see our work on healthcare facilities as laying a foundation for both. McGough has a vast amount of experience and expertise in healthcare construction, including hospital construction, and we understand well the unique skillsets, demanding tolerances, and complex integrations required for these vital projects.

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Interior of the Skywater semiconductor factory, built by McGough

High Tech + Life Sciences

McGough has a long history of building exceptional projects for high-tech and life-science clients with a focus on efficiency and speed to market. We know what goes into these incredibly complex buildings, from clean rooms to robust power systems to support for robotics and automation.

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Interior of a historic theater restored by McGough

Historical Restoration

Given our long tradition as builders, McGough has a special appreciation for both the craftsmanship and rich stories found in historic structures. We feel fortunate therefore to be able to help preserve, protect and repurpose historic structures and features. Restoration and renovation require unique skillsets and approaches, and over the years we have built a reputation for excellence in this field.

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Exterior image of Surly Destination Brewery, built by McGough

Hospitality + Retail

We build beautiful places where people want to spend their time. In the hospitality and retail sector, brands showcase what matters to their customers through high-end finishes, appealing spaces, and the chance to satisfy their needs and desires. For the businesses that hire McGough, it’s important to deliver that experience cost-effectively and on time – which we have achieved time and again.

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Interior of a large industrial factory building constructed by McGough

Manufacturing + Warehouse

Factories and the goods they produce are the backbone of our economy, and we’re proud to help manufacturers of all sizes achieve their plans to grow and prosper. To us, a manufacturing plant or warehouse is more than just a structure – it’s an important piece of a client’s strategy, and our McGough team works hard to ensure it is built with quality, efficiency and purpose in mind.

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Exterior view of a multi-family residential building built by McGough

Multi-Family Residential

Helping to build communities and support peoples’ evolving housing needs is work we take pride in at McGough. We work with developers, schools, senior care providers and non-profits to build quality multi-family and multi-unit housing that serves the needs of diverse groups of people.

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Exterior view of a government center built by McGough

Municipal + Government

As a company that values its local roots, we understand the importance of strong civic leadership and the services they deliver. We have helped cities, counties, local government agencies and the federal government build facilities to serve the needs of the people. We understand all the nuances that go into government projects, from the bidding process to subcontractor selection to financial transparency.

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A Native American cultural center built by McGough

Native American Tribal Communities

We have the building experience and history of working with tribal organizations to help local Native American communities build and upgrade their facilities as well as promote economic development among native groups. We also recognize the importance of tribal-backed construction projects being managed by partners who understand native traditions, beliefs and have their best interest in mind from beginning to end.

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An ethanol plant built by McGough

Power + Infrastructure

Our Power + Infrastructure team has the specialized knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver critical thermal and electrical projects for many applications. McGough’s tradition of high-quality, technically complex and high-precision construction matches the needs of this sector, and we know how to work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure installation and commissioning goes smoothly.

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Image of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN, built by McGough


We are proud and honored to have built, restored and modernized so many churches, temples, religious schools and facilities for faith groups. Our experience has taught us that places of worship frequently serve many purposes, including recreational and community gathering places, and we understand the importance of making the projects work economically as well as functionally.

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