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Taking Care of Our People: Benefits & Beyond

At McGough, compensation, benefits and support help employees live well and feel valued. We have an open, authentic culture. We work and play hard. We engage with our communities. We foster innovation, creativity, self-improvement and advancement. And we understand the demands of family life and the desire to follow passions. At work and in life, McGough wants to help employees succeed.

A Full Range of Benefits

Supporting our employees starts with competitive pay and a generous package of additional benefits. And it goes beyond, with managers who know and care about our people, accommodating their needs whenever possible and helping them and their families feel confident in their future. While our union employees receive benefits through their union, our non-union employees receive full benefits as well.


  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Mental health, employee assistance and life services
  • Retirement and financial security programs
  • Profit sharing opportunities
  • Health club reimbursement and wellness programs
  • Generous paid time off and holidays
Two female McGough employees of diverse backgrounds working in an office, talking and smiling

A Commitment to Diversity

At McGough, we recognize that a strong team has a wide range of skills and life experiences to draw from. In our hiring and contracting, we seek to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. And we strive to recognize and support the needs of our workforce though Employee Resource Groups, which help elevate the voices of those with shared identities and backgrounds and help them find community and support at work.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mentorship and Career Development

Continuous improvement is our goal as a business, and that extends to people throughout our organization. Helping people become better at their jobs and realize their full potential is our goal for all of our employees.

We support the advancement of our people in many ways, including:

  • Clearly defined career paths with regular, meaningful reviews
  • Opportunities to advance within a specialty or pursue new paths based on interest or passion
  • Formal and informal training programs, from expert-led education to casual lunch-and-learns
  • Training in leadership, technical skills, EDI, competency development and more
  • Education stipends for skill development training


We are always looking for new talent, whether new to the field or experienced.

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An employee in a red McGough shirt talking to co-workers

What McGough People Have to Say

“One of the things I truly appreciate about working at McGough is that you’re really treated with respect and taken care of. You’re not a number – people are really invested in your safety and professional development and well-being.”

– Brett Miller, Assistant Superintendent – Carpenter

“I like working for McGough because it enables me to highlight my skillset in being a problem solver, a project manager, and a team leader all at the same time. Coupled with that, McGough has supported me fully during my career, helping me finish my schooling while working under the guidance of some really talented professionals and I appreciate that.”

– Josh Yates, Chief Building Engineer

“From owners, engineers, tenants, attorneys, and vendors you get to work with a wide array of people in this position every day. I enjoy every day of my career and a big part of that is working for a company that supports me and is behind every decision I make.”

– Angela Samargia, Sr. Property Manager

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