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Leading With Values

From the very start, McGough has been a company that puts a premium on values. Our founders built McGough’s reputation on quality craftsmanship, our collaborative culture, doing what we say and always doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. After more than six decades, those values drive how we operate and are embraced and expressed by our employees every day, whether working with clients, partners or peers.

What Makes McGough Different?

We’re proud to hear our clients say that there is something special about working with McGough. We have a reputation for having down-to-earth people who really know their stuff, have strong relationship skills, and have a passion for their work. Work boots are always welcome in our offices and we listen to good ideas wherever they come from. It’s a testament to how we hire, who we are and the example set by others every day.

At McGough, We:

  • Treat Everyone With Respect
  • Keep Promises
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Act With Integrity
  • Have Passion for Partnership
  • Are Authentic and Honest
Two smiling female McGough employees working in an office

Building Careers

We strive to help every employee grow and find success. We challenge our people to work hard and mentor them to develop new skills – which is good for our clients, our company and their own personal development.

Learn About Key Roles

Forging Relationships

The work we do is just part of what makes us McGough. The relationships and friendships our team members make when they are here are an important part not only of building trust as co-workers, but enriching lives as individuals. We aim keep things casual and friendly, and are always ready to have fun with activities and celebrations.

Two women painting at a volunteer housing project

Supporting Communities

Wherever we have an office or a project, we are a part of the community. Our team is committed to volunteerism, charity and activities that better the communities where we live.

Our Community Engagement
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