Corporate Leadership

Tom McGough Junior

Tom McGough Jr. President & CEO

Brad Wood

Brad Wood Chief Operating Officer

Keith Schulder

Keith Schuler Executive Vice President, Finance

Bake Baker

Bake Baker Executive Vice President, Preconstruction Services

John Bartz

John Bartz Director, Field Operations

Jeff Dzurik

Jeff Dzurik Executive Vice President, Project Management

Bob Eno

Bob Eno Senior Vice President, Regional Operations

Mark Fabel

Mark Fabel Executive Vice President

Karin McCabe

Karin McCabe Director, Outreach

Mike McGough

Mike McGough Vice President, Project Principal

Tim McGough

Tim McGough Executive Vice President, Project Principal

Cassie Nelson

Cassie Nelson Vice President, Human Resources

Tom Nonnemacher

Tom Nonnemacher Executive Vice President, Project Principal

Scott North

Scott North Executive Vice President, Healthcare

Mindy Olstad_2017

Mindy Olstad Vice President, Business & Marketing Strategy

Jon Pfeifer

John Pfeifer Executive Vice President

Tim Reimann

Tim Reimann Executive Vice President, Operations

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel

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