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Dave Rahe

Vice President, Southeast Region

As Vice President of our Southeast Region, Dave leads the strategic advancement of McGough’s work in the Southeastern region as well as the continued growth of our Technology and Life Sciences sector across the United States. His role has evolved since he first joined the organization. When Dave first began with McGough, his mission was to simply “Help McGough Win”. Originally, this was focused on Operational Excellence and then progressed into involvement with our self-perform concrete, safety, quality and eventually field operations team in Minnesota. This path allowed him to work closely with many outstanding McGough people and touch several projects. In 2022, this path provided an opportunity for his family to move to Raleigh, NC to lead McGough’s growth in the Southeast as well as the continuation of our Tech and Life Sciences work across the United States. A topic that Dave is very knowledgeable about is Servant Leadership. He loves to listen to people and help them consider how they can best help others through the leadership opportunity they have been entrusted with.

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