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Jessica Gerlach

Vice President, Safety

With over 20 years of experience, Jessica leads McGough’s award-winning safety team. Her role as Vice President of Safety includes continually building and maintaining a culture of safety where safety is a core company value and employees are our most valuable asset. Her responsibilities include ensuring employees are properly trained for assigned responsibilities, prequalifying trade partners prior to work commencing and pre-planning projects for safety. Additionally, she has led day-to-day activities including conducting safety training, safety project management as well as coordination with trade partners to drive safety efforts on our projects collaboratively. Jessica holds a bachelor of arts in Construction Management from National Labor College and an associate of science in business leadership from Inver Hills Community College. Jessica is people-focused and has a unique passion for using technology data to inform Safety at McGough.  She is currently working collaboratively on data analysis to inform McGough’s Zero Harm Metric in an effort to analyze previous injury trends and proactively eliminate future harm to McGough’s people.

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