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Basilica of St. Mary


Project Description

Interior renovation of unfinished basement space, including construction of a mezzanine and installation of an elevator to access the two new basement levels and the main sanctuary level. Mechanical upgrades were made to the existing system, and systems were added to support the new occupied space. New entrances were installed under an existing stone stairway. The renovation provided the church with new space for outreach programs, meeting spaces, a gathering space and chapel.

The project’s exterior renovation included a reroof, tuck-pointing, major structural reattachment of the roof structure to the exterior walls, painting, exterior lighting, safety access in interstitial spaces, mechanical/electrical system upgrades in the interior space, and venting and insulating of the interstitial space.


Miller Dunwiddie Architecture


Minneapolis, MN

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HIstorical Restoration


Building and modernizing sacred spaces has been McGough’s business for more than six generations. Our experience has taught us that places of worship often serve functions well beyond those of traditional sanctuaries – including as recreational and community gathering places. We understand the economic challenges of these projects. To progress from concept to finished product requires collaboration between congregation and builder. Crafting the vision often means balancing aspirations with economic realities.

McGough understands that sacred buildings can be large-volume spaces with unique structural, mechanical, acoustical and lighting requirements. They need to remain inviting, safe and user-friendly during the remodeling or renovation process. The work may need to be done on flexible schedules or in separate phases to accommodate ongoing activities.

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Tom Nonnemacher

Tom Nonnemacher

Executive Vice President, Project Principal