Quality: Assurance in All We Do

McGough’s reputation for delivering quality workmanship is a hallmark of our firm. We understand the specific nature of each facility we construct and are passionate about delivering a facility that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. We find that construction costs represent a small percentage of the total cost of a building for our clients, and we are dedicated to ensuring a quality facility from the outset to reduce operating costs and produce greater long-term satisfaction.

Our Quality Assurance Program is maintained and administered by our Quality Assurance Management team. The dedicated Quality Assurance team comprises a diverse range of skill sets including a licensed building official, a commercial plan reviewer and a building enclosure specialist. For each project, the team develops a site-specific quality management plan that is used to verify the project’s delivery in accordance with its plans and specifications. 

McGough also maintains a structured approach to managing the preconstruction, construction and post-occupancy phases of every project. This ensures that during each phase of the construction process the design, budget, scheduling and quality of the project are favorably impacted.