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Grinnell College, Admissions and Financial Aid Center

Creating a space that fosters intrigue but also creates a sense of comfort and belonging is important to every college, but none more than Grinnell, which was looking to upgrade its visitor experience. The window into their school started and ended at the admissions and financial aid center.

What better way to attract and hook new students than to make the experience inside their building match what it feels like to attend the school every day?

A master in executing projects that require deft attention to detail, high-end finishes, and luxurious design features – McGough was chosen to partner and deliver the building for the school.

What they received – a transformed student, parent, alumni and visitor experience designed to reflect the core values of the university including diversity, accessbility and sustainability.

The new build, totaling 17,000 SF includes high-end office suits, shared building support and building service spaces.

Other Key Features:

  • 26-car receiving court
  • Bio-swale and prairie-inspired gardens
  • Trellis-covered walkway
  • Main entry plaza

Project Details

Grinnell, IA
17,000 SF
Completed 2020
Delivery Method

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