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Ecolab Headquarters

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Project Description

Over a few years, Ecolab moved its offices in downtown St. Paul into the North Tower. The total square footage of construction was approximately 380,000 SF. The initial project included approximately 70,000 SF of space on two floors. The remainder of the project phasing was spread out over two years. The office floors were remodeled and included the creation of collaborative spaces, coffee bar areas, installation of a unisex restroom and the redecoration of each office floor.


380,000 SF




St. Paul, MN


Finance & Commerce 2018 – Top Project Award

Corporate + Office

Since our founding in 1956, McGough has collaborated with a wide range of Corporate + Office clients. We continuously innovate our Corporate + Office project approaches resulting in superior outcomes and exceptional experiences for our clients.

To learn more about McGough’s Corporate + Office expertise, contact Cary Miller and Jim Frisell.

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Cary Miller

Cary Miller

Vice President, Central Minnesota

Jim Frisell

Jim Frisell

Executive Vice President, Duluth

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