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Confidential Client Data Center G

Data Center Building

Project Description

75,240 SF call center consisting of open and private office space together with a mechanical central plant. The facility was substantially completed in five months. It accommodates 550 modular workstations; 12 managerial offices; five conference rooms; three training rooms; and three break rooms. The operation is supported by a central Voice/PBX Room; three IDF rooms, a server room; and an MDF room. All critical systems have 100% power redundancy from a central UPS system. The HVAC system is composed of a mechanical central plant housing two 300-ton centrifugal chillers; four hydronic circulating pumps; a 2700-MBH plate and frame heat exchanger; and two 900-GPM cooling towers. The two 45,000-CFM air-handling units positioned within the call center are acoustically insulated to eliminate noise interference.

Data Center

Since our founding in 1956, McGough has collaborated with a wide range of Data Center clients. We continuously innovate our Data Center project approaches resulting in superior outcomes and exceptional experiences for our clients.

To learn more about McGough's Data Center expertise, contact Tim Nagle and Tim Eickman.

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Tim Nagle

Executive Vice President, Central MN Operations

Tim Eickman

Director, Preconstruction, Power and Infrastructure

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