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St. John’s Abbey

St. John’s Abbey Church serves as a timeless masterpiece and testament to innovation, architectural prowess, and spiritual significance. Initiating in May 1958 and completing in August 1961, this iconic structure serves the Benedictine monks’ mission of education and community outreach, offering a spiritual haven for the local parish and countless visitors.

Designed by the renowned modernist architect Marcel Breuer, St. John’s Abbey Church is a cornerstone of his legacy in monumental concrete structures. This project marked a pivotal moment in modern religious architecture in the United States, showcasing the seamless fusion of form, function, and spirituality. The church’s cast-in-place concrete construction is a tribute to Breuer’s ingenuity and foresight.

Approaching the entrance, visitors are greeted by the awe-inspiring hundred-plus-foot-high poured concrete Bell Tower, casting a shadow over the structure. The intricate honeycomb-stained glass window wall, displaying the liturgical year, complements the tower, creating a visual spectacle. Passing through the baptistry, visitors enter beneath the balcony supported by massive concrete columns seamlessly transitioning into beams. The entire interior boasts exposed board form concrete walls, providing a rugged yet elegant backdrop for the folded plate steel-reinforced concrete roof, spanning an impressive one hundred and eighty feet.

The design philosophy prioritizes congregants’ experience, ensuring unobstructed views of the altar. The attention to detail in the architectural planning and execution further solidifies the commitment to creating a space conducive to spiritual reflection and communal worship.

St. John’s Abbey Church occupies a special place in the portfolio of McGough, as it was a pivotal project shortly after the company’s inception. The sheer scope and complexity of the project demanded innovative thinking and processes, pushing the young company to rise to the challenge of constructing a technological marvel. McGough’s successful completion of St. John’s Abbey Church not only solidified its position in the construction industry but also demonstrated the company’s ability to deliver exceptional results on the grandest scale.

Today, St. John’s Abbey Church stands as a living testament to the collaborative efforts of visionary architects, dedicated builders, and the Benedictine community. Its enduring presence continues to inspire awe and reverence, making it a cherished landmark in the realm of religious architecture.

Project Details

Collegeville, MN
Completed 1961
Marcel Breuer and Associates

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