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Fargo Sports Complex

The City of Fargo faced a challenge in meeting the growing demand for sports and recreational facilities. The existing sports complexes were often overbooked, leading to scheduling conflicts and limited availability for various sports teams and community events. Additionally, the aging infrastructure required extensive maintenance and was unable to accommodate the diverse needs of the community.

To address these challenges, the City initiated the construction of a massive 400,000 SF state-of-the-art indoor sports complex. This multi-purpose facility was designed to provide a wide range of sports amenities, including:

  • Ice rinks
  • Turf fields
  • Indoor walking track
  • Basketball courts
  • Pickleball courts
  • Indoor playground
  • Gourmet concession services
  • Sports orthopedic space

Knowing the complexity of the project, Fargo partnered with McGough, a proven leader in managing large, complex projects such as this one. Coordinating two major phases of construction, McGough’s had to overcome several challenges material shortages, and supply chain disruptions created significant setbacks, threatening the project’s timeline and budget. The complexity of coordinating various construction teams and ensuring quality control added to the challenges faced during the project.

The project is set to be completed in Spring of 2024, welcoming hundreds of families, athletes and visitors alike.

Project Details

Fargo, ND
409,000 SF
Completed 2024
Delivery Method
JLG Architects

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