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Dakota Spirit AgEnergy Plant

In 2012, the first EPA-approved fuel alcohol plant driven by waste heat from a 100MW lignite coal fired electric power generation station was designed. As a part of that project, McGough constructed a $135M greenfield ethanol plant adjacent to the existing power generation plant including a fast-tracked design with our partner KFI Engineers and complete equipment coordination and installation of over 1,000 pieces of equipment.

Some features of the project were Cook and Fermentation systems, centrifuges and corn oil production capacity, Distillation Dehydration & Evaporation system, steam DDG drying system, Wet-cake DDG storage and loadout, new corn bins and DDG flat storage building, field erected cooling tower, tank farm, Power plant interconnection & metering, and truck & rail loadouts.

Project Details

Spiritwood, ND
65 Million Gallons Per Year
Completed 2015
Delivery Method
KFI Engineers

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