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Confidential Client Data Center E

Data Center Building

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Construction of 418,000 SF of office building with 82,000 SF raised access flooring. Redundancy components of the project included: a backup well water system for cooling tower make-up water; dual fuel system for hot water and steam boilers; three 10,000-gallon fuel oil tanks with a standby/redundant fuel pumping system; redundant condenser water and chilled water pumping systems; redundant cooling tower capacity; redundant chiller capacity; winter operation “free cooling” system; redundant condenser water storage tanks; and DDC building management system to monitor all mechanical equipment, fire alarm and the operation center. Electrical design consists of a 34.5 kV utility service with N+1 pad mount transformers; three 1.5 Mw generators (N+1) with sufficient fuel to run the building for five days, together with provisions for a fourth generator; two 1.25 Mw multi-module UPS systems with fully automated SCADA control system (2N); and a power management monitoring system.




Shoreview, MN

Data Center

McGough Construction has a long history of planning and building data centers and other business-critical facilities. We offer specific expertise in the planning, construction and startup/commissioning of these facilities. Our business-critical team includes MEP specialists who can help define the mechanical and electrical requirements of the project and provide support for commissioning and development of MOPs (Methods of Operation), when necessary. Our strong relationships with equipment suppliers allow us to ensure cost-effective sourcing for these challenging projects.

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