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Al-Corn, Combined Heating & Power Plant

This project consists of a $147M expansion to a fuel alcohol plant. A key factor to the success of this project is hinged upon the integration of an existing plant utilities system into the new system. A new 42,000 GPM cooling tower has been installed, as well as RO and DI water pretreatment systems. Features for this project include 8,760 hrs/yr operation, defrost cycles, complete condenser pumping and pipe system design, electrical power and PI&C for the utilities.

This project also includes a 5MW combustion turbine with heat recovery steam generator with a supplemental fi red duct burner that would generate 4.6MW of power and an additional 110,000 lb/hr of steam. A new packaged boiler will also be installed to generate an additional 86,250 lb/hr of steam. These additions will increase the plantwide steam capacity from 105,600 lb/hr to 301,850 lb/hr.

Project Details

Claremont, MN
42,000 GPM
Completed 2018
Delivery Method
KFI Engineers

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