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Al-Corn, Clean Fuel Plant Expansion

This project consists of a $147M expansion to a fuel alcohol plant. A key factor to the success of this project is hinged upon the integration of an existing plant utilities system into the new system.  Some features of the project were enlarged Cook and Fermentation systems, new more efficient centrifuges and corn oil production capacity, a new Distillation Dehydration & Evaporation system, new DDG drying system, new corn bins and DDG slipform silo storage, field erected cooling tower, a new tank farm, unit train capable rail loop, and truck & rail loadouts.

This project also includes a 5.5MW combustion turbine with heat recovery steam generator with a supplemental fired duct burner that produces an additional 150,000 lb/hr of steam to the plant.

Project Details

Claremont, MN
120 Million Gallons Per Year
Completed 2018
Delivery Method
KFI Engineers

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