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When Systems Can’t Fail

In a fast-moving, digital-centric world, there are some crucial systems that simply have to work – no exceptions. Whether supporting critical infrastructure, processing data, enabling transactions or delivering content, mission critical systems need to be built to a higher standard with redundant power, cooling and connectivity. McGough has the unique skills and experience necessary to construct mission-critical data centers and their supporting infrastructure.

Why Choose McGough for Mission Critical Construction

Whether you need to build a data center for a campus, a robust server room or floor for a building, or a large standalone facility to serve as the backbone of a data-rich enterprise, the McGough team knows how to manage these complex projects.

  • Uptime Institute Certified team member who oversees and manages projects.
  • A large technical services team that specializes in power and wiring – doubly important when constructing redundant systems.
  • Our own internal MEP team to consult and help execute your mission critical design – including robust and redundant power systems, cooling systems, communication systems, monitoring/control systems, etc.
  • A collaborative approach and focus on team integration. We work closely with engineers and specialists who design and spec your project and provide feedback at critical points during the design to assist the design team and owner to make the best decisions for the benefit of the project and owner.
  • Traveling specialist teams who bring their expertise wherever its needed, coast to coast and in rural areas.
  • An eye on flexibility and resiliency. We know how to build for the future in ways that allow for expansion or changes to a project down the road.

Contact Us

From concepting through delivery, our Mission Critical team works closely and consultatively with our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

David Pickett
Vice President, Engineered Systems
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Tim Eickman
Vice President, Engineered Systems
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Sectors With Mission Critical Needs

In addition to tech firms, many industries have a mission-critical element to their construction projects. Selecting one partner for all your construction needs ensures consistency and coordination. Learn how we serve these industries that rely on mission-critical services.

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