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‘8 acres of drywall:’ Fargo Park District’s sports complex taking shape in south Fargo

The Sanford Sports Complex will include everything from hockey rinks, soccer fields and basketball courts, to walking tracks and art centers.

“(W)e’re anticipating having all-day tournaments here, all-weekend tournaments,” said Kali Mork, director for the new Fargo Park District’s sports complex.

Fargo Parks Sports Complex Construction
Set to open in 2024, Fargo Parks will add more than a million square feet to the city's growing residents to use for sports and recreation alike.

There are so many parts to the sports complex that it is really divided into a small city.

McGough Construction says most of the 60 contractors and subcontractors are from the metro area.

“So there’s a lot of people in here that are going to see (a) benefit from this facility who are working on it. So when you add that level of pride to that contractor, they put in an extra effort for you and they work harder towards making this a successful facility. So it’s been really fun to be a part of that group,” said Patrick Peltier, project manager for McGough Construction.

This story was published by Inforum and WDAY TV. Read the full story here.

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