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Wickersham Health Campus


Project Description

New construction and site development of a 36-acre three-building healthcare facility composed of the two-story 46,000 SF Mankato Clinic; the one-story 31,000 SF Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic; and the one-story 15,500 SF Ambulatory Surgery Center.


92,500 SF


Winsor/Faricy Architects, Inc.


Mankato, MN


Since our founding in 1956, McGough has collaborated with a wide range of Healthcare clients. We continuously innovate our Healthcare project approaches resulting in superior outcomes and exceptional experiences for our clients.

To learn more about McGough's Healthcare expertise, contact Loreli Zimmerman, Scott North and Jeff Rountree.

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Loreli Zimmerman

Vice President, Healthcare

Scott North

Scott North

Executive Vice President, Healthcare

Jeff Rountree

Project Executive