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Securian 400/401

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Project Description

McGough built the original 630,000 SF Securian headquarters office building above a 330,000 SF 930-car below-grade parking ramp. McGough later expanded the downtown campus with construction of the Securian 401 project, which consists of a four-level underground parking ramp and a 13-story 632,000 SF office building. The exterior was designed to blend into the St. Paul area while maintaining a connection to the downtown core, providing a pedestrian-friendly environment and reinforcing Securian’s strong company image.


1,262,000 SF




St. Paul, MN

Corporate + Office

Since our founding in 1956, McGough has collaborated with a wide range of Corporate + Office clients. We continuously innovate our Corporate + Office project approaches resulting in superior outcomes and exceptional experiences for our clients.

To learn more about McGough’s Corporate + Office expertise, contact Cary Miller and Jim Frisell.

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Cary Miller

Cary Miller

Vice President, Corporate

Jim Frisell

Jim Frisell

Executive Vice President