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Virgina Cosgriff

Operational Excellence Deployment Leader

How many years of experience do you have in this industry and with McGough?
I have been doing process improvement and lean implementation since 2011, and with McGough since October 2019. 

What led you to your current role at McGough?
I am an industrial engineer by background, but never really liked manufacturing. I struggled to find where I fit and what was available, but while pursuing my master's degree I found healthcare. It felt so meaningful working with people that were touching lives and improving the patient experience. I have worked in multiple healthcare systems – Bozeman Deaconess, Mayo Clinic, HealthEast, and MHealth Fairview. I was wanting a new challenge after almost 10 years in implementing lean improvement systems in healthcare, and that is how I found McGough! I still get to impact lives and customer experiences, but in a different way.

What do you like most about your job?
I like challenges and moving to a new industry definitely fit into that category. When I am able to help someone see how we can use lean manufacturing in construction in ways that they didn’t think possible, I get really excited for that lightbulb to turn on. 

Additionally, I enjoy helping people with cross-functional teamwork and problem-solving starts to break down barriers and collaboration across our whole organization. It takes time, but it is worth it.

What do you enjoy most about the construction industry?
I really respect the tenacity and grit that it takes to construct buildings. I have seen many surgeries and joint replacements, but when you stand at the bottom of a building and look up you see all of the hard work that has gone into such a large thing. It still humbles me that we get to create part of a city’s skyline.

Why do you enjoy working for McGough?
The people are the best part about working for McGough. A major part of lean is “respect for people.” I feel that we respect each other, our individual expertise, and are always trying our best for each and every one of our projects regardless of scope. 


What do you like to do in your free-time?
I like to call myself a crafter extraordinaire. I like to make all sorts of things, but I especially like knitting. I even create and sell some knitting patterns!

Baking is my other love. My house is never without some sort of cookies or biscuits.


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