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Our People

Tim McGough

Executive Vice President, Project Principal

As Principal-In-Charge, Tim manages partner relationships for many of McGough’s most significant clients with a focus in the corporate office, mission critical, higher education, medical technology and healthcare sectors. He provides leadership and general oversight for McGough’s project teams and all of the associated project industry partners. Tim is a 5th generation McGough family member who began his career at the age of fourteen working in the company’s warehousing operation. Starting in his college years he worked as a laborer in the field but transitioned to carpentry once he joined the company on a full-time basis. He eventually rose to the level of superintendent and credits much of his industry success to the knowledge acquired during his early years in the field. Tim provided key leadership in developing McGough’s information technology capabilities and was instrumental in implementing McGough’s project management and estimating systems and protocols. Tim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he received a BS in Management Information Systems. He is active in the community and serves on boards of civic and industry organizations.


 Tim McGough

Our legacy is built by our remarkable people.

Our people drive our company’s success. From the Irish McGoughs of the 1800s to the McGoughs of today and countless loyal, experienced, dedicated and expert team members over the years, our remarkable people have built a tradition of outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional outcomes and constantly evolving standards. Learn more about McGough’s legacy of excellence and how it drives our innovation today.