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Paul Tragiai

Project Executive

How long have you been in the construction industry?
Paul Tragiai: I’ve been in the construction industry for 39 years, all those years have been with McGough Construction. I’ve worked on many projects over the years – healthcare, science and technology, corporate and worship.

How did you end up in construction?
Paul Tragiai: I was going to school for engineering and working part-time as a laborer for McGough. After a couple of years, I realized I wanted to be a carpenter and changed my path.

What do you enjoy most about the construction industry?
Paul Tragiai: I enjoy the variety of the industry. There are so many disciplines in construction (concrete, stick framing, finishing, etc.). I also enjoy the challenges of construction; no two days are ever the same and that allows be to be creative in my work.

What do you like most about McGough Construction?
Paul Tragiai: What I like most about McGough Construction is their dedication to quality work, honesty, integrity and community involvement. I also appreciate the people that I work with. They are extremely talented and resourceful.

What do you like to do on your free-time?
Paul Tragiai: I enjoy fishing, especially up in Canada. I also like to water-ski, snow-ski and spend time outdoors. I am a private pilot and enjoy flying float planes. I also like to travel with my family. 


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