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Julie Capasso

Safety Manager, ND

How many years of experience do you have in this industry and with McGough?
I've been a safety professional for 10 years with the last 2 years at McGough. 

What led you to your current role at McGough?
Luck and good timing! My husband and I relocated to Fargo for a two-year assignment. I realized that I really liked Fargo; minus the winters, our dog is the only one that loves -30 degree walks!  But regardless, we decided that we wanted to stay. I started looking for a full-time safety position and there was McGough's posting! The rest is history.

What do you like most about your job?
I really like being involved in all the projects managed by McGough's Fargo office. I enjoy working with each of our project teams and building relationships with our people. 

What do you enjoy most about the construction industry?
I enjoy the complexity and ever-changing nature of the industry. No two projects are the same. 

Why do you enjoy working for McGough?
I have the best of both worlds. I truly enjoy working out of McGough's regional office. It's a small, tight-knit group! Plus, I have awesome resources within McGough's safety team. Simply put, there are great people at all McGough locations!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Most of my free time is spent chasing around a very energetic toddler and blue heeler! They are in constant competition for who has more energy! Otherwise, I love to dream big whether that's planning and working on the latest DIY project (currently, a kitchen remodel) or dreaming about building a vacation home on our property in Montana.


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