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Our People

John Bartz

Executive Vice President, Field Operations

John joined McGough in 1989 and currently oversees all construction operations, including the company’s warehousing operation, quality control program and all field forces. John brings to his role both field operations and employee training expertise. He began his career with McGough as Labor Foreman and held numerous field operations and training positions throughout. John also served as Training Director at the Minnesota Laborer’s Training Center, where he helped create a state and federally approved apprenticeship program for the Laborer’s trade that ultimately led to the profession being recognized by the industry as a “skilled” trade. He is passionate about people and about strengthening McGough’s workforce through training, development and the implementation of Lean efficiencies on job sites. John holds a degree in Business Management and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Laborer’s Training and Apprenticeship Board. He is actively involved in his local community, where he served as a volunteer firefighter and first responder for over 25 years.


 John Bartz

Our legacy is built by our remarkable people.

Our people drive our company’s success. From the Irish McGoughs of the 1800s to the McGoughs of today and countless loyal, experienced, dedicated and expert team members over the years, our remarkable people have built a tradition of outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional outcomes and constantly evolving standards. Learn more about McGough’s legacy of excellence and how it drives our innovation today.