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Our People

Jim Stanley

Chief Financial Officer

Jim joined McGough in 2019 and currently oversees the finance, risk, legal, and planning and analysis functions of the company. Prior to joining, he spent three decades in various finance, strategic planning and operations roles, including the last 14 years as CFO in complex, growing, privately held companies. His experience includes 12 years as a finance executive at Northwest Airlines and 11 years as CFO and COO at Center for Diagnostic Imaging, a national provider of medical imaging and related services.

During his career, Jim has played an active role in strengthening finance and accounting functions, assisting his colleagues in improving business processes, successfully pursuing strategic expansion opportunities and implementing new arrangements with key business partners. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Lehigh University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Jim is currently Chairman of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Community Board of Trustees for Jeremiah Program, a non-profit organization that helps highly motivated women break the cycle of poverty by combining a structured environment with high expectations for education and employment, and the guidance to help them succeed.


Our legacy is built by our remarkable people.

Our people drive our company’s success. From the Irish McGoughs of the 1800s to the McGoughs of today and countless loyal, experienced, dedicated and expert team members over the years, our remarkable people have built a tradition of outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional outcomes and constantly evolving standards. Learn more about McGough’s legacy of excellence and how it drives our innovation today.