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Our People

Jim Frisell

Executive Vice President

As one of the company’s most longstanding employees, Jim has served clients on behalf of McGough for more than 42 years. Jim started his career in the field and has experience in every aspect of the preconstruction and construction process. Over this time, Jim has been involved with numerous major projects for many different client sectors – including government, education, technology, worship, corporate, theaters, sporting facilities and housing. Today, Jim provides both project and regional office oversight and recently led the launch of McGough’s Duluth, Minnesota office. Jim is most gratified by the process of collaboration with owners, architects, subcontractors, and colleagues to create significant, value-based, workable and efficient buildings that have a lasting and positive footprint on the communities in which they are created. Through careful planning and diligent attention to detail, Jim is proud of the work he and his teams consistently produce. Mentoring the next generation of McGough construction management leaders is also very important to Jim. He believes strongly in the practices and values for which McGough has become known and preserving and improving on them is a focus to his work. Jim has a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management from Dunwoody Institute.


 Jim Frisell

Our legacy is built by our remarkable people.

Our people drive our company’s success. From the Irish McGoughs of the 1800s to the McGoughs of today and countless loyal, experienced, dedicated and expert team members over the years, our remarkable people have built a tradition of outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional outcomes and constantly evolving standards. Learn more about McGough’s legacy of excellence and how it drives our innovation today.