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Our People

Derek Hoeschen

General Manager, North Dakota

Derek provides guidance and leadership to our regional operations teams in North Dakota, South Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota. Derek has over 20 years of experience that started in the field, as a brick tender and cement mason for a local contractor; to holding various field and office positions on some of the largest construction projects across the country over the last decade. This wide breadth of experience allows Derek to relate to customers in many ways; large, small and complex. Derek has a knack for visualizing the success of the entire project quickly, from the onset of preconstruction. This ability ensures that our customers enjoy a thought process, free of surprises. Derek enjoys mentoring our regional talent through his own examples and vast experience on similar projects. Along with numerous philanthropies, he enjoys spending time with the Experimental Aviation Association where he serves as EAA Tech Counselor and holds an EAB Repairmen Certificate. Derek also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management from the North Dakota State University.


 Derek Hoeschen

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