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Bob Frei

Senior Superintendent

How long have you been in the construction industry?

I have been in the construction industry for over 33 years, 27 of those years being with McGough Construction. 

How did you end up in construction?
Growing up, I lived next to a family who owned a small construction company. I began working the summer months at the company’s shop, performing maintenance and repairs on equipment, and soon after, started on the field with residential framing. After graduating from high school, I joined the union and began my career as a carpenter.

What do you enjoy most about the construction industry?
What I enjoy most about the construction industry is building new relationships with owners, design and construction teams, along with maintaining previous relationships. Many of my work relationships have turned into lifelong friends. I also really enjoy the sense of accomplishment achieved by maintaining and exceeding construction goals.

What do you like most about McGough Construction?
There are many things that I like about McGough, first being the culture. Everyone at McGough always speaks to the culture and its importance. Considering the changes the industry has faced over the years, McGough has managed to continue valuing its traditions, people, beliefs and customs. 

What do you like to do on your free-time?
I like spending quiet time with my wife (“The Princess”) and relaxing at the cabin. I also like snowmobiling, jet skiing and muscles cars – anything with cylinders and horse power!



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