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Supporting Our Troops On and Off the Ice

McGough’s commitment to supporting our veterans and their families extends well beyond policies and procedures. As a designated Yellow Ribbon company, we seek to build strong relationships with our nation’s troops and their families through multiple levels of outreach. We are honored to support organizations such as Defending the Blue Line, who actively work to make positive impacts on the military community.

Founded in 2009 by two currently serving National Guard soldiers from Minnesota, Defending the Blue Line endlessly works to ensure that children of military members have every opportunity to participate in the game of hockey. Defending the Blue Line has been able to provide over $3 million dollars’ worth of hockey equipment, cash grants, game tickets, and summer hockey camps to countless military families across the United States and Canada.

McGough Project Manager, Bill Scherling, has been an active volunteer on the Committee Advisory Board since 2009. “My girls were able to take advantage of their program,” Scherling stated. “I think it is a great concept. Families often have to give up their children’s activities, especially expensive ones, when a parent is deployed due to cost and time. This helps solve that issue.”

To support this cause, McGough donated materials and time to create a professional work space for the organization.

“McGough has given us the ability to have a professional office space that we otherwise could not have made happen,” said Shane Hudella, Defending the Blue Line Founder and President. “It’s extremely important to us to have a professional space for that first impression when guests walk through the door, and the unique setting that McGough has created blows people away.”

McGough is honored to support an organization such as Defending the Blue Line, an organization that works unremittingly to support our nation’s troops and their families.

“The people at McGough have been both generous and extremely professional,” Hudella praised. “They go out of their way to ensure a great experience, and a fantastic end state of any project they do.”

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