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Safety First and Style a Close Second!

We are grateful when clients always keep safety in mind. But when we have a client such as Omar Ansari, owner of Surly Brewing Co., who combines safety awareness with a fashion statement, it’s priceless!

You may not have heard, but McGough and Surly have now put into effect a new “safety rule” on the Surly project site: Anyone seen on site without a hard hat or vest must showcase their fashion-forward self by wearing a beautiful multi-colored boa around for the rest of the day. Not only are the bright boas easy to see, but they are also color-coordinated with our McGough high-visibility safety jackets! Thanks Omar for keeping fashion and safety top-of-mind!

Any project, anywhere.

McGough stands ready to help you build any project, anywhere. Our locations are staffed with remarkable people who are ready to partner with you on your next project, whatever its size, scope, scale or style. With decades of combined experience and a focus on your needs and priorities, we have the capabilities, expertise, interest and enthusiasm to achieve your vision for any facility in any location.


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