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A Moment of Silence for National Safety Stand-Down Event

On Thursday, June 5th McGough Construction and its subcontractors gathered on their respective job sites for a moment of silence as part of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Event, which is held to raise awareness on the leading cause of deaths on construction sites each year. Each year lives are lost for workers on job sites around the country. Although the average annual number of deaths has fallen from 38 (in 1970) to 12 (in 2012), this statistic is still too high.

McGough’s safety department is committed to providing a comprehensive safety program that is both compliance-based and behavior-based. McGough employees take safety seriously and as general contractor, McGough continues to uphold responsibility on the job site to ensure everyone safe, including the numerous subcontractors who partner with us.

McGough Safety Director Larry Warkel commented, “Based on the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s statistics, McGough holds one of the lowest EMR ratings.  If a company had zero injuries and zero workers compensation costs for three years in a row, that organization would have an EMR rate of 0.40. McGough holds an EMR rating of only 0.45, which is far below the national average of 1.0. We are proud to have a company culture that values safety and has enabled us to uphold such an excellent EMR rating and overall standard of job site safety.”

2014 National Safety Stand Down Certificate – McGough

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