McGough helps build a greenhouse for a South Minneapolis community!

We don’t always eat healthy here at McGough, but for many people eating healthy is just not an option financially. McGough set off this morning to help in the fight against nutritional poverty that afflicts so many in South Minneapolis. Joining forces with AGC of Minnesota, McGough, and local residents volunteered their time to contribute to the AGC – Urban Ventures Midtown Greenhouse community effort. By building a community greenhouse local residents in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis will have access to local, fresh, and sustainable food.

Urban Ventures is a non-profit organization that continuously works to empower families caught in a generational poverty in South Minneapolis. Newer generations in society lack access to the educational, economic, and cultural capital that is necessary for one to succeed.

McGough is honored to support remarkable organizations such as Urban Ventures, which work so hard to make positive impacts on the South Minneapolis community.


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