Quality: Assurance in Everything We Do

McGough’s reputation for delivering quality workmanship is a hallmark of our firm. We understand the unique nature of each facility we construct and are passionate about delivering a facility that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We find that construction costs represent a small percentage of the total cost of a building for our clients, and we are dedicated to ensuring that quality facilities are constructed at the outset, reducing operating costs and resulting in greater long-term satisfaction for our clients.

Our Quality Assurance Program is maintained and administered by our Quality Assurance Management Team. We provide substantial resources, including the assignment of trained personnel and dedicated Quality Assurance Specialists for management, performance of work, and verification of quality for each of our projects.

McGough also maintains a structured approach to managing the preconstruction, construction, and post-occupancy phases of every project. This ensures that during each phase of the construction process the design, budget, scheduling and quality of the project is favorably impacted.

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