A Moment of Silence for National Safety Stand-Down Event

For two consecutive weeks McGough Construction and subcontractors have gathered together on job sites for a daily moment of silence as a part of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Event. The event, which began on Monday, May 4th, allows for a moment of reflection for the lives that have been lost working in the construction industry. A 2013 report stated that 828 of the 4,101 worker fatalities in the private sector, a one in five ratio, were in the construction industry. The National Safety Stand-Down event is held annually to raise awareness on the leading causes of fatalities in construction.

McGough’s safety department is committed to providing a comprehensive safety program that is both compliance-based and behavior-based. McGough employees take safety seriously and as General Contractor, McGough continues to uphold responsibility on the job site to ensure everyone is safe, including the numerous subcontractors who partner with us.

Based on the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s statistics, McGough holds one of the lowest EMR rates in the construction industry at a 0.39, far below the national average of 1.0.

“We are proud to have a company culture that values safety above all else and has enabled us to uphold such an excellent EMR rating and overall standard of job site safety,” said McGough Safety Director, Larry Warkel.

McGough truly cares about their remarkable people and strives to ensure each and every person returns home safe and sound.

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