Joining forces with RSP Architects to support Hearts & Hammers

Armed with paint brushes and bright blue paint, McGough teamed up with RSP Architects this weekend to help a disabled homeowner rejuvenate the exterior of her home.

McGough is a longtime supporter of a Twin Cities non-profit called Hearts & Hammers, an organization which provides exterior home improvement assistance for deserving seniors and disabled homeowners so they can continue to live independently.

A total of 26 volunteers from both RSP Architects and McGough Construction arrived bright and early Saturday morning at the homeowner’s St. Paul residence determined and eager to help. After six hours of hard work, collaborative effort and only a little bit of rain, the homeowner’s little white house became a rockin’ blue haven.

McGough is proud to partner with RSP Architects and organizations such as Hearts & Hammers who focus on making positive impacts on our local communities. We’d like to give huge thank you to everyone who was able to come out on Saturday and make a difference!

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