Finding Silver Linings in Cedar Rapids Flood Mitigation Efforts

Most of the time, we get to spend our days doing really fun and rewarding work. Every once in a while, though, we need to take up a somber task. The beauty and reward in those moments comes not in the form of newly built places, but in the connections and comradery we build within our communities. This is what we’re finding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as our team members work to help mitigate impending flood damage. Together with many others throughout the community, we have spent the past several days building temporary flood walls with thousands of sand bags, helping families evacuate their homes, and in four hours, 25 McGough employees and their families, plus a hundred volunteers from the community worked together to remove 800 seats from the Paramount Theater and store them at higher ground. As we brace for the second biggest river flood on record in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we send out our prayers and wishes for the safety of the entire community.

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