Building the Next Generation of Remarkable People

A competitive workforce demands competitive skills that are attained through real-world experience. Today’s students desire to receive hands-on application that will enable them to step out of academia and succeed in the marketplace. We aim to build up the next generation of remarkable people in the construction industry through programming that focuses on harnessing students’ strengths while providing the necessary industry knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in a career in the construction industry. Our interns walk away with a holistic picture of construction projects and a strong understanding of how their individual strengths can impact a project’s success.

Do you have the passion and the desire to get your hands dirty with a real-world internship that will help you prepare for your next step in this industry? Do you want to grow your skills, meet great people, and learn how projects work from the ground up? If you answered yes, then take a moment to learn more about our unique program and how it can benefit your own career growth. Or apply online now >>

Who Should Apply

  • Sophomores, juniors or seniors currently enrolled at a four-year institution
  • Majors should be well-aligned with internship area of focus
  • Individuals who are proactive, open-minded, eager to learn, and willing to work hard as part of a project team

Areas of Opportunity

Each year our areas of internships vary, depending on availability and project schedules. Internship schedules also vary based on departmental need, project and student schedules. Potential internship areas include:

  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Virtual Planning
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Facility Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Becoming a McGough Intern:

  • Competitive entry-level hourly wage
  • Real-world experience
  • Holistic exposure and education of different facets in the construction industry, potentially including but not limited to:
    • Project Management
    • Estimating
    • Planning
    • Sustainability
    • Virtual Planning
    • Lean Construction
    • Safety
    • Scheduling
  • A personal written review and reference by your immediate supervisor
  • Online networking opportunities with fellow interns and McGough employees
karin-mccabe-150x110x Contact
Karin McCabe

Interested in becoming a McGough Intern?

Please fill out an online application or contact Karin McCabe to learn more.


What others are saying about McGough Internships:  

Trevor J bioTrevor J.
“My internship experience was nothing short of amazing. I learned something new every day and I was exposed to many different projects, people, and situations where I can apply my education and other work experiences to further enhance those learning opportunities. In the classroom I developed a very solid, basic understanding of what the industry is like and how to go about solving problems, but that is only the surface. When you are actually involved with a project and the day to day activities associated with it, one naturally learns so much more and becomes more in tune with topics discussed in the classroom. With this internship I have definitely been able to develop myself a lot further. I really appreciate this opportunity and all the help/guidance everyone has given me. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, it just speaks volumes about the company and how McGough operates.”

Ashley Gooler bio 2Ashley G.
“I have been very fortunate to have a great mentor to learn from and also a great company to work for here at McGough. I have learned more being on site every day than I ever could have in a classroom, and this internship has given me a good grasp of what to expect after school. I have gotten hands-on experience working with our superintendent and also our foremen for this project. Being able to watch a project progress has taught me what a project manager’s responsibilities truly are and how much it entails. This has been a wonderful experience and there has not been a single dull moment out at the site. I am excited for the future and ready to graduate and get started in a career I have fallen in love with.”

Amer S bioAmer S. 
“My internship experience at McGough Construction was awesome, especially since I felt like I was a part of the Project Management Team and made a legitimate contribution to the project, rather than just doing what the typical intern would do in most companies. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a Minor in Construction Management, which gave me strong skillsets that I could apply in my internship. However, I learned more about construction in just one week of my internship than I have in 3 years of school.  This demonstrates the importance of hands-on experience for anyone’s education. The internship has prepared me for the workforce by allowing me to understand architectural design beyond just drawing inside an office studio.  In fact, it allows me to see how a design from paper gets put into reality through the nuts and bolts of shop drawings.  Also, this internship experience with McGough has allowed me to expand my skills in estimating, communicating with subcontractors for bid packages of particular scopes of work, understanding specifications more in depth, and the overall project planning, management and supervision.  These are essential for achieving my personal aspirations. I enjoyed every second I spent with McGough Construction and I sincerely wish to continue my learning and contribution with McGough Construction in the future.”

Kelly H bioKelly H.
“My internship experience went very well. I’ve done a variety of work on the project which has tied in with my educational experiences. I have been exposed to some of the challenges that can happen on a construction project, and I’ve learned a lot about how to tackle those challenges. I was involved in numerous meetings with project partners, owners, and owner’s reps on site, and I’ve been able to see how the dynamics of an owner-contractor relationship should be handled. I feel this internship at McGough has helped prepare me for the workforce because of the hands-on experience I received and I love that working at McGough has allowed me to see so many different parts of a project and how they connect.”


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